Post Sort Coordinator

Deerfield Beach, FL


Maintains verification by planning, monitoring, and improving performance.


Overall daily job duties include but are not limited to the following tasks & responsibilities below.

Tray Tags and Skid flags

It is the responsibility of our department to generate the tray tags and skid flags for the Press (inline sort jobs) bindery and mailroom. The coordinator will follow the written processes and stay current with the files that need to be printed.



  • Import mail.dats (if needed)
  • Adjust dates, permit numbers, crids, pre-denominated amounts, type (letter à card), Payment method (stamp à permit imprint, add caps reference to Customer Ref ID (specific clients only)
  • Create pallet for single piece mail that presort did not palletize.
  • Move mail from origin to NDC to save client money
  • Split containers (if needed)
  • Suppress records (if needed)
  • Produce pallet flags for skids; update template accordingly
  • Produce tray/sack tags; update template accordingly
  • Zip down Mail.dat for upload to PostalOne!


  • Run mail.dat through Postage.DB to compare postage amounts to W2 & PO dashboard
  • Create and keep on file postage statements for mailings with postage discrepancies


  • Combine multiple versions/shells for a drop/part


  • Manually assign current Entry points
  • View entry Point; entry point vs origin savings analysis for R&D jobs

W2 Client

  • View Inkjet Schedule on a daily basis to keep up with completed jobs and current jobs working throughout the plant
  • Adjust in-home dates, verify dates, shipping dates and postage amounts (if necessary)
  • Double check 3600/3602 on PostalOne! Dashboard against internal pricing grid & email any revised grids to the accounting department (Margaret & Denise) along with appropriate account team when a postage discrepancy is found.
  • Produce Copal by destination grid when moving destination(s) to another drop or to cross reference for instances of partial drops within random circumstances
  • WEDS Program – drop any pertinent information into specific job number files (emails, notes, postage received, 3602/3600s, etc.)

Mail Client

  • Maintain number of pieces left open in Mailroom before closing out a specific job (notify Mailroom Department if you notice pieces are static after a day or so)
  • Export Skids; Monticello Jobs after mail.dat is zipped for PostalOne upload
  • Close out destinations completed by mailroom (OLD Mail Client – CANADIAN MAIL ONLY)


  • PostalOne! Dashboard – double check uploaded data to make sure postage, mailing date, permit holder, Agent, Prepared for, crids, EPS account and postage are correct
  • Use MD Client to upload mailings for verification one at a time OR drop multiple mail.dats into our HOT FOLDER.


  • Use internal software to track and report, when necessary, IM barcode piece scans.
  • Informed Visibility dashboard to look for skids/trays/bundle scanseInduction Quick Status Report to look for skids
  • Utilize tracking reports & signed POD (proof of delivery) when issues arise in order to determine delivery status

Miscellaneous Tasks

  • Verify weight & thickness of 10 pieces; update w2
  • Inkjet schedule review
  • Sharepoint updating
  • Postage rec’d
  • Postage needed
  • Sufficient funds check with postal clerk
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities w/local post offices; reading professional publications; WEBEX/MTAC meetings, participating in professional surrounding organizations.
  • Write up training guides and procedures
  • Training on new processes/procedures & software programs

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High school diploma
  • Must have computer literate
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with others.
  • Mail production experience is a plus
  • Presort experience is a plus
  • Office experience is a plus

Our benefits package includes: Medical, dental, vision, 401K and paid time off.

Drug free workplace, E-verify and background check.

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